About us

The KiDz are our future and at SmartKiDz we value kids! So our programs are once-in-a-lifetime rich experiences that encourage kids to step up to opportunities that are as unique as they are and motivate them to get inspired and fully participate in their lives. Make this the best time of your life!

Leadership Series-LEVEL 1 Registration begins April 15, 2014

Leadership Series – LEVEL 2 Registration begins April 15, 2014

Smart KiDz programs introduce kids to unique educational and leadership opportunities that are steeped in experiential and project-based learning. Every assignment project includes lessons, discussions and hands-on activities that seek to connect  youth to their learning community through positive exploration of global issues.

Smart Kidz programs celebrate a differentiated  approach to education for diverse learners and learners from diverse cultures. This holistic approach engages learners in different kinds of learning activities that tend to be meaningful to them while effectively increasing interest and motivation. Kids of all ages can begin to create post-secondary entrance portfolios that include these value-based experiences in leadership training, eco-learning and activism, volunteering, cultural understanding and language exploration.